Info regarding National B.O.C.A Pool Codes

How to Choose the Best Aluminum Pool Fence? What are National B.O.C.A Pool Codes?   What Fences Meet These Standards?

Windham Pool Fence


You sit down to plan your new pool and landscape for your backyard and have so many decisions to make. You find out that amongst your decisions is the fact that you must select a fence that meets pool codes. The phrase “B.O.C.A pool codes” comes up and you have no idea what this means?

This article will help clarify all of your fencing questions and help you select the best fence for your pool. The term B.O.C.A  stands for, Building Officials and Code Administrators International Inc., which is also known as; The International Code Council or I.C.C.  These non-profit agencies have been designed to make uniform building and safety codes. These agencies have developed strict guidelines for safety of outdoor, indoor, private and public pool settings and the fences that surround them. Rules are also in place for spa and hot tub settings.

Follow these simple codes below and all of your requirements will be met.              Ornamental Fence is features our 3 Best Selling Pool fences on the aluminum pool fence page but has numerous other styles available that can all be modified to fulfill your building codes for pool applications.

Our Best Selling Pool Fences are:

  • The Solon Aluminum Pool Fence: 48” Height
  • The Auburn Aluminum Pool Fence: 54” Height
  • The Windham Aluminum Pool Fence: 54” Height.

B.O.C.A Pool Codes are as follows:

Code 1: The top of the barrier of the fence must be at least 48” above grade which is shall be measured on the side of the fence (barrier) which faces away from the swimming pool.

Code 2: The maximum vertical clearance between the grade and the bottom of the barrier is to be 2” measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the pool.

Code 3: All openings in the barrier shall not allow the passage of a 4” diameter sphere. *This code has been developed so that a small child or pet cannot squeeze through your fence.

Code 4: Where the barrier is composed of horizontal rails and vertical pickets and the distance between the tops of the horizontal members is less thatn 45 inches, the horizontal rails shall be located on the swimming pool side of the fence. Spacing between vertical
Drownings are the leading cause of accidental death in and around the home for children under 5 years of age. These accidental drownings can be prevented by taking a few simple measures when planning for your pool and fence.

Why You Should Consider a Wrought Iron Fence?

There are so many reasons to buy a fence and there are numerous options available, but did you know that decorative wrought iron fencing is a top choice in today’s marketplace? Ornamental fence depot is the best dealer of wrought iron fencing because of the volume we sell and the quality of products on hand.

black wrought iron fence

Beautiful Wrought Iron Fence that enhances the landscape.

Wrought iron fence has become one of the most popular types of fencing because of its sheer benefits alone. Our modern day version of wrought iron fencing is the perfect addition to any landscape project because of the elegant nature of this product and the strength it offers. Iron fences keep trespassers out because they cannot be easily scaled and a person cannot squeeze between the vertical pickets. Wrought iron fences are seen as a type of transparent security. They allow a person to see into your yard, yet offer a type of warning to those who may think about attempting a break in.

We offer two basic styles of wrought iron fence (Spear Top and Flat Top) and two grades/thicknesses of wrought iron fencing. Both of these iron fence styles offer durability, strength and protection, but the Spear Point Picket Fence is the top security provider. Our residential grade wrought iron fence is suitable for pools, boundaries, decorative enhancements, backyards, child protection enclosures and pet protection. This Residential Wrought Iron Fencing features pickets that are ½” 18 gauge square tubing and horizontal rails that are 1” x 1/8” thick. Our Commercial Grade Wrought Iron Fencing features pickets that are ¾” x 16 gauge square tubing and horizontal rails that are 1-1/2” x 1/8” thick. Our commercial grade fencing is perfect for cemetery locations, commercial properties, parks, recreation facilities, businesses and any setting that has heavy traffic. is brought to you by R&T Fence Company Inc. a leader in the fencing industry for the past 28 years. All products featured have been field tested and approved and our wrought iron fences are priced to sell! We utilize our years of experience and buying power to offer you the highest quality most affordable wrought iron fence on the market. Did you know that our wrought iron fence panels start as low as $16.50 per linear foot?

An iron fence system will not only increase the curb appeal of your property, but will also increase the value of your home. Wrought iron fences are frequently purchased to provide additional protection and security and have grown in popularity due to the competitive pricing and value that they provide. We can help you design a layout today that is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for your setting! Wrought iron fences are not just for movie stars. They are used widely in today’s market because of their elegance, design and strength.
Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Wrought Iron Fence:

Increase property value
Just pick up the phone and call us today to start your project #1.800.760.5170. You will be warmly greeted by a real person and your project will be handled by a real fence professional! You can also send us a drawing anytime to or fax it to 330.626.3331.

We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world and welcome your projects!

This article was produced and written by, Ruth Tekavec, President or R&T Fence a leader in the fencing industry for over 28 years.

Choosing the Best Ornamental Pool Fence

Ornamental Pool Fence
Are you finally getting that swimming pool you’ve always wanted? Depending on how far you are in the process, you may or may not be aware that you need a fence to surround it. Almost all new pool constructions require that a fence be installed for protection. You’ll need to check with your city or township building department and/or your homeowner’s insurance company for the specific requirements you must adhere to. After doing that you will know what type of fence you need. One of the best options for pool fencing would be an ornamental pool fence.

Ornamental Swimming Pool fencing

Beautiful Ornamental pool fence.

The first type of ornamental pool fence is aluminum fence. One of the reasons that aluminum fencing is so popular for pools is because it is maintenance free. It will never rust and never need painted. This type of fence is made to look like a wrought iron fence. It is available in several standard colors and designs. Residential grade fencing is usually sufficient for most applications but it is possible to upgrade to a commercial or even an industrial grade of fence if needed. A heavier grade of pool fence can sometimes be required at estate style homes, apartment complexes, hotels and theme parks just to name a few. The matching aluminum gates are much lighter than a wrought iron or steel gate and that helps with the longevity of the gate and keeps it from sagging. The lightweight design also allows the self-closing, spring loaded hinges to operate more efficiently. Since aluminum fences never rust, they are an outstanding choice if you plan to have a salt water pool.
Another popular type of ornamental pool fence is a wrought iron or steel fence. This type of fence is the strongest and most heavy duty type of fence you could choose for your pool. Many people prefer this fencing since it is all welded for superior strength and durability. It is also typically sold in 8’ wide sections. This allows you to use fewer posts and tends to open up your view. A good quality wrought iron pool fence should be powder coated. This will ensure that your fence will require just a small amount of maintenance. The properties of this metal will allow it to rust over time so it is important to keep an eye on the finish for any scratches that have cut deep into the paint. These areas will start to rust sooner or later depending on the amount of moisture in your area. You’ll need to use a matching touch up paint to keep the rust at bay. For this reason, a wrought iron fence should usually be avoided if you are planning a salt water pool.
An aluminum pool fence is a wonderful maintenance free option that adds security, beauty, and value to your pool. Wrought iron fence is synonymous with protection and safety. These fences provide the timeless, sophisticated look that so many people find attractive. Either option could be an outstanding choice when it comes to protecting and beautifying your pool and property. Please give us a call at 1-(800) 760-5170 with questions or for assistance with picking out the best fence for your situation. We look forward to helping you.