Info regarding National B.O.C.A Pool Codes

How to Choose the Best Aluminum Pool Fence? What are National B.O.C.A Pool Codes?   What Fences Meet These Standards?

Windham Pool Fence


You sit down to plan your new pool and landscape for your backyard and have so many decisions to make. You find out that amongst your decisions is the fact that you must select a fence that meets pool codes. The phrase “B.O.C.A pool codes” comes up and you have no idea what this means?

This article will help clarify all of your fencing questions and help you select the best fence for your pool. The term B.O.C.A  stands for, Building Officials and Code Administrators International Inc., which is also known as; The International Code Council or I.C.C.  These non-profit agencies have been designed to make uniform building and safety codes. These agencies have developed strict guidelines for safety of outdoor, indoor, private and public pool settings and the fences that surround them. Rules are also in place for spa and hot tub settings.

Follow these simple codes below and all of your requirements will be met.              Ornamental Fence is features our 3 Best Selling Pool fences on the aluminum pool fence page but has numerous other styles available that can all be modified to fulfill your building codes for pool applications.

Our Best Selling Pool Fences are:

  • The Solon Aluminum Pool Fence: 48” Height
  • The Auburn Aluminum Pool Fence: 54” Height
  • The Windham Aluminum Pool Fence: 54” Height.

B.O.C.A Pool Codes are as follows:

Code 1: The top of the barrier of the fence must be at least 48” above grade which is shall be measured on the side of the fence (barrier) which faces away from the swimming pool.

Code 2: The maximum vertical clearance between the grade and the bottom of the barrier is to be 2” measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the pool.

Code 3: All openings in the barrier shall not allow the passage of a 4” diameter sphere. *This code has been developed so that a small child or pet cannot squeeze through your fence.

Code 4: Where the barrier is composed of horizontal rails and vertical pickets and the distance between the tops of the horizontal members is less thatn 45 inches, the horizontal rails shall be located on the swimming pool side of the fence. Spacing between vertical
Drownings are the leading cause of accidental death in and around the home for children under 5 years of age. These accidental drownings can be prevented by taking a few simple measures when planning for your pool and fence.